Keep Your Home Bug Free With These Diy Pest Control Methods

With some preventative procedures and DIY methods you can keep them out of your house without using any harsh chemicals. As with most problems, prevention is key. This informative graphic from supplier Part Select covers the best steps toward bug prevention, natural bug killing sprays, natural repellents for specific insects, and even plants you can grow around your home that will detract creepy crawlies away. There are plenty of ways to take care of pest problemswhether it’s during the heat of summer time or the deep freeze of winter so be sure to research what measures you should take for your specific bug nuisance.
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to be updated every time we post an amazing DIY project. Follow us on pinterest here DIYnCrafts Pinterest Profile . Lets be honest, there is a reason why bugs are referred to as pests. Sometimes, no matter how clean your home is, these creepy crawlies manage to find their way in and make you look as if youre some sort of slob; youre either on the verge of getting your house carried away by ants, itching all over thanks to mosquitoes, jumping on countertops to avoid spiders, or feeling your skin crawl at the site of a cockroach passing by. This helpful infographic from PartSelect will show you how to rid your home of these pesky critters using natural remedies that youre likely to have around the house; you can even plant certain plants to simultaneously keep bugs at bay and make your garden look beautiful. These natural alternatives will keep the risky toxic chemicals away from your family.
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