A Fresh Business, The Bed Bug Guru (aka, National Bed Bug Remediation) Is Stomping Bed Parasites In Northern/central Florida With Heat & K-9s’

Pest Management Professionals Flock to Wrightsville Beach Conference – Time Warner Cable News

Multifamily managers, in an effort to demonstrate fiscal responsibility to stakeholders, often enlist in-house maintenance staff or lowest-bidder exterminators to respond to a bed bug infestation. However, despite their (in most cases) best intentions, and because they are not bed bug experts, the staff or pest control company usually make the problem worse, and often spread the bed bug infestation to adjoining units. By the time we are called in to do the bed bug extermination the right way, the multifamily manager is dealing with a much more extensive problem and the associated much greater expense to clean it up. What was intended to be a demonstration of money-saving prowess has turned into sheepishly justifying a very large expense. A well-trained dog and handler team can inspect units 5-10 times (or more) faster than a human inspector, often completing a 3-bedroom unit inspection in 5-10 minutes. Additionally, because bed bugs are so small and adept at hiding, K-9 bed bug scent detection teams are much more accurate than their human counterpart.
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People are also embarrassed to admit the problem. No one wanted to take part in this story Wednesday. Most are worried bed bugs mean you don’t clean your home. “Sanitation has nothing to do with bed bug infestations,” York said. “If you have blood, you qualify.” So, how do you get them?
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Bed bug problem continues to grow | Local & Regional | KIMA CBS 29 – News, Weather and Sports – Yakima, WA

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. Hundreds of pest management technicians from around the country invaded the coast Saturday for the 2014 Carolinas-Mid Atlantic Summer Conference. “Our industry’s focused on trying to find out what’s the best way to control those insects,” Billy Tesh, president of Pest Management Systems Inc., said. “Of course we are always looking at ever-evolving situation with all insects that effect people. You know, mosquitoes are a big issue, especially with encephalitis coming back to play.” During the month of July, parts of North Carolina have seen heavy rain.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://charlotte.twcnews.com/content/news/coastal/710201/pest-management-professionals-flock-to-wrightsville-beach-conference/


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